"I've found Emma’s approach to be holistic, friendly, restorative, and actively engages with my needs. 

After years of severe anxiety, stress (exacerbated by COVID,) and struggling with my self-worth, she’s made me feel heard and given me tools to cope that actually work. 

I’ve found the online appointments have helped me be more vulnerable and open since I can go to appointments in the comfort of my own home, in track pants with a hot drink, and I don't have to get on a bus or go back to work imediately." - Tyrie, Wellington


"The mindfulness one: beginners mindfulness course run by Here and Now, is the most impactful course I have done in years. Expertly lead by Emma, Practices such as the ovio pause, body scan, gratitude, and others, make me more present, and in control of my life" - Cam, Nelson